30 October 2007

Les fleurs fanees

Les fleurs fanees
Photographie © de Anndou, La Grange du Bois, 2007

15 October 2007

14 October 2007

Rugby --- and its aftermath

Le ledemain de match
Photographie © de Anndou, Paris, 2007

13 october 2007
Rugby World Cup
France vs England
England won for 14 : 9
Paris was very quiet that night, and we imagine London must be crazy...
Then, the morning after, we knew we were all drunk !

11 October 2007

82 80 0

82 800 : 206P x 400W = 243D x 15H

This formula signifies the essential of my existence in the past 8 months!

15 hours of work per day during a period non-stop of 243 days... finally, 206 pages of text are produced, giving a proximity of 82 800 words, and.... in French !!

Attention, there exist a second volume of appendices comprising images and other documents!

And, Finally, the dissertation is done!
I am glad!

The oral defence was great and interesting.
All the hard work is rewarded with an excellent mark!

Can you imagine it?
I couldn't ... but i am happy!

8 October 2007

La Nuit Blanche -- when the old meets the new

La nuit blanche, a sleepless night consacred to contemporary art... and that night, we entered into a cathedrale. Here, artists were performing in a PS2 manner of what the 21st century haloed as Art and Technology!

This is St. Merri Church, built in 1552 in the traditional Gothic style on a site dated back to the 7th Century. In a normal day, the only music comes from the oldest bell in Paris, on the church tower, which dates from 1331.

And here we are, when midnight falls!
Young and excited, we belong to night not day. We worship technology not God. But here we are for the 7th edition of "eve mass" of contemporary art.

Artist: Puce Muse