15 January 2007

The betraying D

She threw herself into bed with her evening gown, immersed her body into a white sea of soft cotton. Her black silky dress was shimmering its last rays, like a dead fish floating on water, reflecting the sunlight with its scales. Faced down on her pillow, she tried to quiet herself, "how could such thing happened?" She grasped a corner of her pillow, the only boat that carries her last hope of salvation.

Then she remembered the same panic once reigned over her, it's seven years ago, when she was 17. She was standing at the middle of an examination hall, sitting in front of her, 5 adjudicators. Then the same D-string cracked. Inexperienced, she was stunned, sweat ran over her, she pled for a second chance.

However, on the path to success, there is not always a second chance. What's the probability of breaking the same D-string during two most important performances in your life as a violinist? Isn't it a joke? Why the D-string has to crack when you are playing Pachelbel's Canon in D Major?

As the first violinist of that evening's chambre music concert, she knew she had to pass the test which guarantees her a contract of freedom, a new life away from London. The Cellist started, with full confidence, she joined in as the first violinist. She led in the actual canon, then the second and third violinists followed with 2 bars of interval each. At the 17th repetition of the bass chord, she heard the "Dong", and the D-string flapped at her face like a slap, bounced over, then died out on the violin. She looked at the broken violin over her shoulder, "shit!" For the rest of the performance, she had to play 5 notes down on the G-string and the canon continued. For her it was if she were playing in a funeral band marching behind her own coffin. All was lost!

"Am I waking up from a nightmare or my nightmare is just about to begin?" She asked. Picking up the violin from the floor, she opened the case, once again, her fingers were caressing the three strings and the broken one. The red violin, she inherited it from her grandmother, "take this, it's your destiny!" The old woman said to her and handed over her her won destiny.

My destiny, and my betraying D. She threw herself once again into the bed and let herself be crushed under the wheels of fate.