17 November 2008

The Strike Schedule

A friend is leaving for Dubai tomorrow with Air France to start his new life and exciting career there. However, the uncertainty of life starts with an uncertain flying schedule. Air France pilots are on strike against the new proposal of postponing the retirement age from 60 to 65.

News from AFP, with a newly released strike schedule in France :

On Monday, Pilots on strike.
On Tuesday and possibly again on Sunday, railway staff are due to take action in protest against proposed changes to working hours.
On Thursday it will be the turn of teachers to demonstrate against working conditions and job cuts, joined by high school and university students.
On Saturday post office staff will march to express opposition to the privatisation of the Post Office.

Euuh......... at least we will have a day off from strikes on Friday... gosh! I am flying on that day to Rome ! I wish there would be pilots and railway workers !