10 February 2006


在倫敦北部 Lauderdale House 現正舉行為期僅兩星期的數學展覽,或許不是人人都看得明白,畢竟對於像我般的數字白痴來說,要我明白箇中程式是不可能,但就以數學家 Justin Mullins 的「美學」邏輯來說,郤來得別開生面。這一位數學家Justin Mullins,以其獨特的理性及感性,來重新演繹「美」學。對Mullins來說,數學的美感不在於視覺而在其概念,例如他的終極完美是十八世紀瑞士數學家Leonhard Euler貫穿五個基本數字的「Euler's equation」(上圖),而他最愛的是由愛因斯坦發現的「quantum entanglement」(下圖) 現象,這個數學程式是將兩個處於不同宇宙空間的原子粒緊緊相扣在一起。Mullins稱之為「浪漫」,並以此贈與愛妻。美感和浪漫來自這種「千里姻緣一線牽」的感覺。Mullins的個人網站在短短三個月內已錄得二百萬人次的參觀記錄。

這兩幅分別題為「Beauty - Euler's relationship」(上圖) 及 「romance – entanglement」(下圖) 的海報作品,各售23.99英鎊。閣下可願出價?

For two weeks from 1 Feb to 12 Feb, you can find this short-lived exhibition in Lauderdale House in Highgate, North London. They are not the master pieces of such and such artists, but of the mathmatician Justin Mullins, who shows his new interpretation of mathematical aesthetics to the London spectators. According to Mr. Mullins, what mathematicians traditionally call beauty is not visual but a conceptual elegance. His supreme example of mathematical beauty is Euler's identity. Discovered by the 18th century Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, it links the five most important numbers in mathematics. His favourite is the mathematical snapshot of "romance" which describes a phenomenon called quantum entanglement discovered by Albert Einstein. It shows how two sub-atomic particles can be "linked in a very deep and fundamental way even though they may be separated by the width of the universe", said Mr. Mullins. So, true love in an equation.

His three-month-old website has already received nearly 2m hits.

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