10 September 2006

Obscene Nudity

Recently I love to use these two words in my writings - Obscene nudity
The gladiator in its obscene nudity
The lightbulb hanging on the wall in its obscene nudity
The rejected love floating in the air in its obscene nudity

What does obscene nudity mean?
Isn't nudity itself obscene?

No, nudity itself is not obscene. Nudity itself is beautiful.
A gladiator's nudity is beautiful in which we see strength and courage.
A lightbulb's nudity is beautiful in which we see the source of light and warmth.
A love's nudity is beautiful in which we see devotion and hope.

Why do they become obscene?

Let's first understand what obscenity means. No need to consult your Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries, let's understand things in their simpliest forms.
For example, a child of 10 is dancing in front of you, moving his / her ass from left to right, imitating his / her adult models in the initiation of an erotic encounter. Yet they have no idea what that means, they don't know what love and courting are, just imitation. Is this not obscene?

For example, a sucessful lawyer is earning so much more than necessary, so much so that he doesn't know what to do with his money, yet he knows his money comes from the so call "legal process of merging", in which the less privileged were exploitated of their living. Is this not obscene?

So why did I say the plastic tongs in the picture is the gladiator in obscene nudity?
A gladiator's nudity becomes obscene when there is nothing for him to fight against, when there is no longer need for his strength and courage. His display of strength and courage amidst this nothingness becomes obscene.

Why the lightbulb hanging on the wall is obscene?
Because today what we want to see is not the source of light and warmth but the artificial beauty enchants us in a cover.

When does love's nudity become obscene?
When love's expression meets no reciprocation, it's nudity becomes obscene. When love is exposed, but then rejected, and there is no way to withdraw, to shelter it, and it continues to be exposed in the air, it becomes obscene.

You see, today we live in a world without hero. Because we don't need hero. All heroic acts are rendered obscene. Yet all of us want to be somebody, to become a hero. That's why our world today is full of obscene nudity!