8 December 2005

The Weather Extremes

The Observatory forecasted that there would be snow in Paris today but rather disappointly, there was none. Nonetheless, this is a rare winter in Paris to have such a heavy snow in late November. The weather is getting cold, -1 degree celcius today.

A friend told me that it is -25 degree celcius in Beijing, colder than in Europe. The climate is changing which makes 2005 the record of extreme weather. Read from a Canadian newspaper that this year, according to records, has been hotter than any other year since records began. It is also the worst Atlantic hurricane season with 26 tropical storms, 14 hurricanes and 5 top-category hurricanes to break the history of human record.

While the Arctic melting is the most serious this year, the Amazon is also the driest for many decades, and the higher temperatures in the Caribbean caused vast damage of coral reefs.

The Astro-scientists who has met recently in an UN conference in Montreal (a familiar scene we have in The Day After Tomorrow) revealed that "night-time temperatures have been increasing for two-thirds of the earth's land mass since 1950". They said the rise is directly linked to "increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated by human activities, such as burning fossil fuels". Well, I don't really understand what it means here with my retarded scientific brain. All I know is that we are destorying ourselves.

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