1 December 2005

First Billiard

Wooo... the first billiard passed like an exciting game. That's the first time I play billiard. Watched some billiard or snooker matches on TV but never tried this game. It was of great fun.

We did a great job!! Catalina, Andrea, Ondrej and Petr!! With Petr's magic drink, we were getting high and sharp enough to clear the table. Ondrej loves red and I love black, that's the discovery for tonight!! I can't believe I can really hit the balls to the net, and watch out! as my favourite is the blacks, you either clear the colour ones and leave the black for me or I hit both the black and the colour to the net!! Sorry sorry, i felt great tonight!! It was a pity that we didn't bring camera tonight!!

You guys love this posture, no?!
(Pic from http://www.billiarddirectory.com)

I am going to do this gesture next time!!
(pic from http://www.billiarddirectory.com)

By the way, Petr, why don't we have white ball as shown in the pic?

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