27 November 2005

Flamenco Concert

Living in a student dorm doesn't mean that you are away from the city's hit. When you are in Paris, art and culture is everywhere for you, even when you live in a dorm. Well, can you imagine when you live in CUHK and can still enjoy free concerts everyweek?

Here is Paris.

So me too, I have many free tickets to concerts: piano, jazz band, contemporary dance, folk songs, flamenco, film screenings, photo exhibition, seminars, Mondaynight tango, etc.

This is one of the free concerts I attended, and the most remarkable one, so far. Perhaps there is also my personal bias for flamenco.

The hall where staged the show is the party hall of the residence where I am living. Simple equipment of lighting and stage set up, and yet, everybody enjoyed the show. The majority is in fact from the public, i.e. who paid 18 euro for the show. Differed from a proper theatre, the show allows you to take photos, video, and even audio record.

So, here I am, in my beloved Paris!!

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