27 January 2006

Oops!… 小心行差踏錯

有沒有試過在精品店打爛人家的陳列品?又有沒有想像過如果你在博物館打爛了價值不菲的國寶,會有甚麼後果?﹗真是「Touch wood」﹗一月二十五日,最令策展人捏一把汗的夢魘在劍橋的Fitzwilliam博物館上演。根據現場目擊者描述,一名男子走在博物館樓梯上的時候,不小心踩到自己的鞋帶被絆倒,不幸地,他彷如慢動作地摔倒在三個清康煦年間的古董花瓶中國,瓶子瞬間化為碎片。當場所有人都震驚得說不出話來。那名男子坐在瓷器碎片上,驚魂未定。當博物館工作人員趕到時候,他只能指自己的鞋帶說︰「這就是罪魁禍首」。這三隻被打碎的瓷瓶年代在17世紀晚期和18世紀早期。在過去40年中,瓷瓶一直被擺在Fitzwilliam博物館窗台上。博物館負責人拒絕透漏該名倒霉的鞋帶主人,但表示他們希望能巴瓷器再拼起來,問題是瓷器被摔得極碎片。是不是很慶幸你的鞋帶很乖巧聽話?﹗

A most nightmarish accident happened to the curators at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on 25 Jan 06. An unfortunate visitor tripped over his shoelace and fell as if in slow motion. He landed in the middle of the 3 priceless Chinese vases and they splintered into a million pieces. The Fitzwilliam Smasher was still sitting there stunned when staff appeared. Everyone stood around in silence, as if in shock. The man kept pointing to his shoelace, saying, "there it is; that's the culprit". The set of three 300-year-old Chinese vases had sat happily undisturbed on a windowsill at the bottom of the staircase for a good 40 years. The ornamental vases hailed from the Qing Dynasty, reign of Kangxi (1662-1722), and were painted in enamels in the famille verte palette with traces of gilding. The museum said they are going to repair the three vases and review the display policy of other antiquities in display. In a survey after the accident, the most frequent expression form museums and spectators are "Touch wood!" and "Thank God it wasn't me!"
Image: Before the fall ... two of the Qing dynasty vases that were shattered by a museum visitor. (Image from Fitzwilliam Museum)

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