30 June 2008

Dress Up Kobe Burger -- the Haute Couturie!

£85 ...

Burger King has announced an £85 luxury burger which will be available at selected ‘upmarket’ central London locations (just what that means remains to be seen). Whether foie gras and kobe steak burgers are enough to change the middle classes opinion of this fast food chain remains to be seen, we are just desperate to get our chops around a burger that costs more than a flight to Greece!

While this will be seen by many as a PR stunt to help shift the companies client base from low income families to ‘more money than sense’ city types, we’re sure that it will help them in their ongoing quest to challenge McDonalds in the quality of product stakes. A move which is sure to counteract McDonalds recent "coffee shop" reinvention.

The funny thing is, not even that you won't buy it, but the BK themselves do not expect anyone to buy the so frenchy burger! You may start to wonder if it means a phantom burger of an illusionary pub!

倫敦的Burger King將於六月中推出全世界最昂貴的牛肉漢堡麭,暫訂價格為85英鎊,但預計沒有人會願意掏腰包把這個價值不菲的漢堡麭帶回家。這漢堡麭的尊貴在於以日本的Kobe牛肉為主要材料, Kobe牛肉來自日本的特種母牛,牠們的飼養方法也同樣尊貴,因為牠們是以啤酒及SAKE養大,以確保肉質嫩滑多汁。極盡侈華之能事,這款漢堡麭將摒棄一直以來的蕃茄汁,配以罕有的法國藍土司及鵝肝醬。

此外,顧客還可以選擇以法國黑磨菇truffle代替普通的磨菇,或加以鮮甜的老虎蝦王﹗這85英鎊的漢堡麭將破兩年前一家紐約快餐店推出的80英鎊最昂貴三文治,僅限於倫敦的Kensington及Chelsea兩個地區的指定Burger King店內出售。但同一餐牌上出售的漢堡麭,最便宜僅需1英鎊,所以相信沒有人會打這個新產品的主意。但飲食界評論人Lucy Barrett指,推出一個沒有人購買的漢堡麭,並非我們想像中般滑稽無聊。正如Burger King的發言人稱,這是為了抬高身價,把Burger King的地位調處於競爭對手如麥當勞等快餐店之上。
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