27 May 2008

Tate Chic

This is the very LG-Prada audio & video guide of Tate Modern sponsored by DELL

Unlike the traditional audio guide which breaks your neck after a tour at the museum, this one is light and handy. Cell phone size, black colour.

Moreover, it's touch screen! Just key in numbers with your tumb the way you compose a sms. Cell phone, but, of the latest model.

What's more... it serves at one time audio commentaries and videos of documentaries . After a show or at the middle of it, you can just get a sit and watch the videos... Usually these would be the screening sessions or the video projects at a dark corner of an exhibition. But now, you have your private cinema. You can watch it any time during your visit... you can stop it if it's boring. You can revise one sentence or two. You can pause and note down a quotation.

So here, i keyed in "29", and I have Man Ray on the screen talking about Duchamp...