11 April 2006

A new twist for biennials – The 4th Berlin Biennial

每個城市都擁有自己的雙年展,柏林做為國際當代藝術中心之一,而其雙年展只有短短的八年光景,如何突出自己似構成「身份危機」,但由它年輕的生命來反思「雙年展」這現現又似乎最適合不過。今年的第四屆柏林雙年展,並以此做為自身任務。雙年展以打「長期游擊戰」的意味開展,先是去年三月在不同的雜誌上訪問介紹在柏林創作的藝術家,然後是九月開始的每個月不同的周邊展覽,今年年頭更出版了《Checkpoint Charley》一書,由策展人介紹七百多位當代藝術家。重頭戲是3月25日至5月28日舉行的大型展覽《Of Mice and Men》,說它是大型絕不過份,因為它不僅僅在一個博物館裡展出,而是在一整條街上進行,柏林的歷史區Mitte 的Auguststrasse,展出地點包括私人公寓、荒廢了的建築物,甚至詭異的地方。如果大家還記得的話,去年十一月的廣州三年展也是以「長期活動」的形式出現,先是D-LAB,後是展覽。如果這些雙年展、三年展本身做為藝術品的話,那它的過程和結果享有共同的地位了。

Biennial is no longer a singular exhibition: It is a serie
s of events, incursions and gestures, as in the 4th Berlin Biennial. After a series of interview articles with berlin artists in magazines, a new exhibition every 4 weeks from September 05 onwards, and the biennial publication, Checkpoint Charley, which includes images and materials from over 700 artists appeared in March 06, it is now the grand exhibition of the Biennial, “Of Mice and Men” (26 March – 28 May). Instead of presenting art in one single museum, “Of Mice and Men” will be presented in unconventional spaces and charged environments vary from private apartments to deserted buildings along one street, Auguststrasse, in Berlin’s historic Mitte district. By expanding the timeline and activities, the curators aim to re-examine the role of a contemporary biennial and its exchange with a participatory public.


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