5 April 2006

Audience Building through PlayStation

Photo courtesy: ICA

於一間明年準備慶祝六十週年的「老餅」藝術機構,要保持活力和新鮮感去吸引年輕的一代更是難上加難。說的是倫敦當代藝術中心〈ICA〉。這個曾被藝評家斷症為「限售期滿」的藝壇老鬼,最近和倫敦PlayStation Portable合作,利用PS迷上網下載遊戲的渠道和他們溝通溝通,並把藝術文化節目剪輯為約十分鐘的短片,讓他們順便免費下載,以提高他們的藝術參與。這個名為《The Show》的計劃,第一炮推出每年一度的數碼短片節onedotzero的精彩作品、《Mirrormask》的片段和紐約樂隊Battles的演出段。《The Show》能不能為ICA起死回生尚是未知之數,但部份藝評家已開始轉換口風,有人說,如果英國還有新刺激發生的話,它必然還是從ICA開始﹗ICA這種與時並進,配合和利用社會現實的做法,很值得香港的藝術機構學習。

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), based in
London, and the PlayStation Portable are collaborating on a new project called The Show. In this ambitious attempt to engage the PlayStation generation in the arts, gamers more used to downloading extra levels for their games of Lemmings will now be able to download 10-minute doses of art. The first show includes features on onedotzero, fantasy movie Mirrormask and the idiosyncratic New York band Battles. As an institute of nearly 60 years old, the ICA is sometimes being criticized that its “sell-by date has passed”. By drawing in new audience and keeping track with time and modern technology, is The Show a way to rejuvenate the Institute? Maybe, now critics are saying that “If the revolution were ever to start anywhere in Britain, it would still start at the ICA."



david law said...


Nigel Lee said...

Just wonder why they collaborate with PSP instead of iPod.

In fact, I trust that it's not a bad idea to develop some artistic applications for NDS.

dreamhunter said...

David, 講個秘密你知,其實我唔止唔玩,我簡直係見到未見過﹗我仲out!

dreamhunter said...

講問科學怪人,甚麼是 NDS呀?

我覺得你個建議好好,我都prefer iPod。如果我係機構主腦,我真係會認真考慮一下你的建議。